February 1, 2014

Armed groups have more rights than wind farm victims


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AAG – Alpe Adria Green

– International organization for the protection of the environment and nature –


EFN – Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy

– Association / Federation of associations –


Europa Nostra

– Pan-European Federation for Heritage –



With us, demand a moratorium on European
wind energy projects

EPAW’s objectives

The European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) was founded on October 4th 2008 by a small number of federations, associations and other groups from four EU countries. It now has 653 member organisations, from 24 countries. It is based in Ireland: see address below, before the list of officers.

The aim of EPAW is to defend the interests of its members which are either:

  • opposing one or more wind farm proposals;
  • or questioning the effectiveness of wind farms as a tool for solving the problems of man and the planet;
  • or defending the flora, fauna and landscapes from damage caused by wind farms, directly or through environmental degradation such as erosion, water contamination and bush fires;
  • or generally fighting against the damaging effects of wind farms on tourism, the economy, people’s quality of life, the value of their properties and, increasingly often, their health;
  • or a combination of the above.

European associations, federations, or groups of citizens sharing one or more of the above interests may join EPAW. It is entirely free of charge. When accepted*, members will be added to our mailing list, and their names and email addresses** will appear on our webpage when clicking the appropriate country flag.

* We reserve the right to accept or decline requests to join, at our sole discretion, with or without explanations about the motives of our decisions. Memberships may also be cancelled in a similar way.

** These addresses are written in such a way that they cannot be picked-up by cyber "engines" to be used for spamming.

Request for a moratorium

We have complained to the European institutions, requesting the declaration of a moratorium on the approval of new wind farm projects, and on the construction of those which have been approved. The European Commission replied negatively, but we shall keep pressing until we achieve this goal.

Take action now

There is strength in numbers. EPAW represents over 550 associations, federations and groups from across Europe. Their details may be found on our homepage by clicking the various country flags. Membership is entirely free of charge.



Vsi sporazumi o izgradnji plinovoda Južni tok med Rusijo in peterico članic EU so v nasprotju z evropsko zakonodajo in bi jih bilo treba oblikovati na novo, meni predstavnik Evropske komisije!!!

Alpe Adria Green deluje, brez redno zaposlenih. Finančna sredstva za naše delovanje prispevajo občani,preko:


– od dela dohodnine, ki jo lahko daste AAG, namesto državi – več:


– od donacij



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